Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan 1 with black shoe laces

The Air Jordan 1 is the sneaker that changed the world.

Jordan 1 

Brief History of Air Jordan 1s

Developed for the basketball court back in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 was the first signature shoe of Michael Jordan. According to sources, the Air Jordan 1 was banned from the NBA because of the black and red colour. Apparently, every time Michael Jordan stepped on the court with them on he was fined USD 5,000.

Today, the Air Jordan 1 is one of the quintessential must-haves for sneakerheads and fashionistas worldwide. The shoe is a symbol that represents style, innovation and has become one of the most iconic sneaker silhouettes in history.

The modern design of this shoe was revolutionary because, unlike other basketball shoes back in 1985, it did not feature shoelaces. Instead, the Air Jordan 1 featured a unique tongue system designed by Peter Moore which made the foot able to easily slide into the shoe without any complications.

Fun Facts: how Nike and Jordan collaborated

The Air Jordan 1 exists because Michael Jordan didn't want to sign with Nike. The pitch from Nike was to create a whole brand around Jordan. They did, and the Air Jordan 1 was born.

The Michael Jordan statue at the United Center is wearing Air Jordan IXs not Jordan 1s. The Jordan IXs were also the only Air Jordans that MJ never played in as a Bull before he retired.

The Air Jordan II was the first Nike shoe not to include the Nike swoosh logo.

Our Favourite Collaborations

Everyone loves a good collaboration. When the right people are brought together with the right tools, sparks begin to fly. It would be easy to make an extensive list of Jordan collabs, but we decide to keep it short and give you a couple of our favourites. 

The Jordan 1 Off-White Chicago

The Jordan 1 Off-White Chicago was one of the most anticipated footwear collaborations of 2017. It marked the first time Virgil Abloh and Jordan Brand had teamed up.

Kicks Shoelaces Air Jordan 1 Off-White Chicago

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1

Travis Scott is one of the most prominent artists globally, Scott's creative output has moved music and streetwear culture forwards with innovation and passion. Pair Scott with one of the most iconic sneaker brands of all-time then obviously greatness will prevail.

Kicks Shoelaces Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1

What shoe lace length should I get?

The answer to what size shoe lace should I get for my Jordan 1s depends on how you tie your shoes and which eyelets you use. Below is a guide using eyelets 7 through 9 and shoelace length 160cm and 180cm shoelaces.

Jordan 1 Shoelace Size Guide

For standard shoes with seven pairs of eyelets, lace once around the top pair of eyelets and then skip one eyelet. You can keep skipping an eyelet until you reach two before the last eyelet. Lace through the last eyelet and pull both ends to tighten

If you use eight pairs of eyelets lace once around the top two pairs of eyelets and then skip one eyelet. Keep skipping an eyelet until you reach the last two before the last five. Lace through the last two eyelets and pull both ends to tighten

If you use nine pairs of eyelets lace once around the top three pairs of eyelets and then skip one eyelet. Keep skipping an eyelet until you reach two before the last five.

Jordan Shoelaces

Kicks Jordan Laces

160cm shoelace tied to the 7th eyelet 

Kicks Jordan 1 Shoelaces

160cm shoelace tied to the 8th eyelet

Kicks Nike Jordan Laces

180cm shoelace tied to the 8th eyelet 

Kicks Nike Jordan 1 shoe laces

180cm shoelace tied to the 9th eyelet 


Shoelace replacements tip

We recommend that you measure the length of your original laces. If you are between two lengths, we prefer to choose the shorter length.

Shoelace colours

Air Jordan with black shoelace replacements

Jordan with black shoelaces


Air Jordan with blue shoelace replacements

Jordan with blue shoelaces


Air Jordan with purple shoelaces replacements

Jordan with purple shoelaces


Air Jordan with white shoelaces replacements

Jordan with white shoelaces


Air Jordan with pink shoelaces replacements

Jordan with pink shoelaces


Celebrities who wear Air Jordan 1s

Nike Air Jordans are as big with the rich and famous as they are on the street. Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Drake and Kylie Jenner love wearing the sporty sneakers.

If you’re looking for style inspiration here's a few A-listers wearing Jordans!

Kylie Jenner has been spotted wearing several rare Nike kicks, ranging from Nike SB "What The" Dunks to Colette x Air Jordan 1s.

Travis Scott has become one of the Jordan brand's most prominent collaborators.


Cindy Crawford sported in her Air Jordans.


Shoelace replacements can help refresh and customise your sneakers

While sneakers can get expensive an inexpensive way to refresh or tailor them is with shoelace replacements.

Replacing Air Jordan 1s shoelaces are a fun way to personalise your Air Jordans, but it's also a great opportunity to improve their fit and comfort. If your big, old Air Jordan 1 shoelaces are frayed and worn out from years of use. Replacing them can help you regain the snugness that was once available.

Replacing laces with Kicks Shoelaces

After deciding to replace shoelaces, it's time to shop. You can find Air Jordan 1s replacement laces at almost any shoe store, but you'll likely pay too much for them there. Look no further than our best-selling range for a great price.

Many shoelace styles are available in black, grey or white. You can even find Air Jordan 1s with coloured shoelaces that contrast with the design of the shoe, like pink and green.

You also won't have to worry about buying shoelaces that are too long or getting the wrong variety of shoelaces. Just look for shoelaces that match your specific colourway and style preference. Then choose from a range of lengths from 39-inches to 71-inches.


Sneakers are an essential element of every wardrobe. From entry-level to luxury fashion statements, there are popular sneakers available for every budget. 

We know sneakers are an essential element of every wardrobe but they can get expensive, new shoelaces will help you refresh your sneakers without the cost of buying new shoes. We think it’s money well spent! 

Check out our range of flat shoelaces or best selling shoelaces and give your sneakers a fresh clean look.



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