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Lacing Shoes With Kicks Shoelaces

Introducing the straight bar lacing method – the most versatile lacing method for comfort and style. 

Are you tired of the boring old criss-cross lacing on your shoes? Want to switch things up and add some flair to your footwear?

Look no further than straight bar lacing! This unique lacing technique not only adds a stylish touch to your shoes, but it also provides a more comfortable and secure fit.

Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to master the art of straight bar lacing; in no time, you'll be able to lace your shoes like a pro!

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The benefits of straight bar lacing – how it can provide a customized fit.


  1. The straight bar lacing style is incredibly versatile and can be used on many different shoes.
  2. This type of lacing provides a more customized fit, which can be great for people with wide or narrow feet.
  3. The straight bar lace is also great for people who want to adjust the tightness of their shoes throughout the day.
  4. This lacing method is relatively simple and can be learned by just about anyone.
  5. Once you know how to do it, the straight bar lacing method is quick and easy to do.

How to tie your shoes using the straight bar lacing style – a step-by-step guide.

1. Start with your shoelaces straight along the outside of the shoe and thread the lace through the bottom eyelets.

lacing shoes nike

2. Run your left shoelace tip along the inside of the shoe, thread through the next eyelet, and then across on the outside to the adjacent eyelet on the right and thread back into your shoe.

bar lacing shoes

3. Repeat this process with the right shoelace. 

lacing techniques

4. Continue with this process by alternating the laces up the inside and across the outside until complete.

bar lacing af1

5. For a clean sleek finish tie your shoes without the laces showing by tying a small knot inside the shoe behind the tongue or use the Kicks No-Tie Shoelace System or one of Kicks Shoelace Tips.

lacing shoes cool

Straight bar lacing video.

The straight bar lacing technique in this guide can be done using all our laces. No matter what your shoelace needs are, we have you covered. Check out our store and browse our collection of flat shoelaces and no-tie shoelaces.


Troubleshooting common lacing problems.

  • If you're having trouble with your laces coming undone, try using a lace locking technique.
  • You can try using a "ladder" technique if you have wide feet.
  • If you're going for a run, you may want to use a criss-cross lacing method. This will help keep your feet secure and prevent your shoes from undoing.
  • If your laces are too loose and you can't seem to get them tight enough, try using an alternate lacing method such as zig-zag lacing.
  • Finally, if you find that your laces are constantly coming undone, try using Lace Anchors. Lace Anchors are small devices that thread onto the end of your laces and then hook into the eyelet to keep the laces in place. They're easy to use and can be a great way to prevent lace slippage.

With a bit of practice, you'll be able to quickly and easily lace your shoes using the straight bar technique. And, you'll enjoy all of the benefits this versatile lacing method offers. 

To tie things up.

There are many different ways to lace your shoes, but the straight bar lace is an excellent option for those who want a quick and easy way to do it. This type of lacing can be done in just a few steps and doesn't require any special skills or techniques. Plus, it's a versatile lacing method that can be used on a variety of different shoe styles.

So, if you're looking for an easy and effective way to lace your shoes, the straight bar method is definitely worth trying out.

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