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As a triathlete, I like the freedom of slipping my runners on and away I go. Obviously, this can be achieved with traditional running shoelaces, but as with all sports and accessories, it comes down to preference and after my first 70.3 Ironman quick laces were my go-to.

So, what are quick laces? They are a type of shoelace made of elastic, also known as speed laces. Since they are made of elastic, they stretch, as opposed to traditional running shoelaces which do not.

Advantages of Quick Laces

  • Everyone’s feet swell, which can cause some discomfort. Quick laces expand and contract with each step so if you spend a prolonged amount of time on your feet; then quick laces can make your shoes more comfortable and help to eliminate pain.
  • Quick laces remove messy bows, double knots and dirty shoelace by using durable lace locks. The hassle of tying your shoes gone!
  • Tying shoelaces for many kids, adults and seniors can prove to be a challenge. Quick laces remove the pressure of this daily task and help provide a feeling of independence.

How to install Quick Laces

Quick laces are great for quick and easy lacing. This guide will help you install your new Kicks Quick Laces and get you on the road faster.

  1. Remove your existing shoelaces. Thread and style your new quick laces.
  2. Push down on the button and feed the laces through your lace lock. Put your feet into the shoe and find your desired tension.
  3. Cut the laces approximately 2-3 cm below the last eyelet or to your preference. 
  4. Finally, place the end of the laces in the buckle and lock them in place, the buckle will keep the ends together - tuck the buckle underneath your laces to keep it from moving.

Kicks Shoelaces Quick Laces

Congratulations – you now have the perfect fitting running shoelaces!

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