Green Laces


While most people focus on saving the environment by reducing their carbon footprint, there are other ways to be green. For example, you can tie your shoes with green shoelaces.

Our green shoelaces are perfect for your sneakers, they'll add a touch of fun to any outfit, they are sure to brighten up your day, plus, they make great conversation starters 

So next time you need new shoelaces, don't hesitate to go green!

Fluorescent Green Reflective Rope Shoelaces
Pastel Green Reflective Rope Shoelaces
Turquoise Reflective Rope Shoelaces
Green Shoelaces
Bright Green Shoelaces
Fluorescent Green Shoelaces
Bright Green Round No Tie Shoelaces
Fluorescent Green Round No Tie Shoelaces
Bright Green No Tie Shoelaces
Fluorescent Green No Tie Shoelaces
Army Green No Tie Shoelaces
Green No Tie Shoelaces
Green Shimmer No Tie Shoelaces
Green and Black Camo
Army Green Camo
Fluorescent Green Quick Laces
Army Green Quick Laces
Fluorescent Green Round Shoelaces
Army Green Round Shoelaces
Army Green and Brown Round Shoelaces
Army Green and Khaki Round Shoelaces
Army Green and Yellow Round Shoelaces
Fluorescent Green and Black Flecks Round Shoelaces
Fluorescent Green and Dark Grey Round Shoelaces

Buying Green Shoelaces

Get artistic with green laces and tie them in creative ways to add some stylishness! We explore innovative lacing techniques below.

Ultimately, if you want that uncluttered appearance, you can hide the shoelaces’ knot by tying and pushing it in on the backside of the tongue or using tieless laces.

If your school-age kids’ school allows it, green shoelaces are also great for casual school days to make your shoes unique. Having multiple pairs of laces at hand is a great way to revive your sneakers and give them a new look.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I buy green shoelaces?

If green laces are your heart’s desire, the go-to place to be is on our website. We have a diverse assortment of possibilities to flatter your overall look.

Along with our extensive collection, we offer fast and free shipping for purchases over $25! No matter your shoe size, Kicks has the perfect green shoelaces for you!

Can you buy green no-tie shoelaces?

We offer a number of green no-tie shoelaces that will look great with any pair of shoes.

Whether you need them for yourself or as a gift, tieless laces are great, especially if you’re looking to remove loose ends. Tieless shoelaces are the easiest way to eliminate knots for that clean sneaker finish.

Are Green shoelaces durable enough?

When you need your laces to perform, Kicks delivers! Our flat and round laces hold up under stress; they are unfailing and resilient.

We manufacture superb laces and provide our customers with the reliability they need to get the job done.

What are green shoelaces made of?

Green shoelaces can be made of cotton, polyester, nylon, rubber and many other materials depending on the style that you're trying to find. No matter your chosen style, Kicks has a great variety of choices for everyone!

What is the best way to tie green laces?

There are many ways to tie green shoelaces; one possibility includes the ‘Ladder ‘Lacing”, the 'Bow Tie', or creating your own particular style!

The best way to discover what works best for you is to take a shot at tying your shoes in distinctive ways until you find what works for you. Our green shoelaces are durable enough to handle many experimental shoe tying sessions, so take a look at our website and stock up today!

What are the different ways to tie green laces?

Some simple systems are bar lacing’ and ‘army lacing’. Each is effortless to do yet has a uniqueness that adds a brand-new style to your shoes.

What is straight bar lacing?

Straight Bar Lacing—aka Lydiard Lacing

Bar lacing, also known as Lydiard lacing, provides a comfortable shoe fit. In fact, they’re even named after the famous running coach Arthur Lydiard.

What is army lacing?

Army lacing 

This method of tying shoes is ideal for the skater girl, as it lengthens the life of the laces. When skateboarders use other lacing methods, the shoelace runs across the shoe's edges and is quickly damaged by the grip tape.

Can black shoes have green laces?

It is the opinion of a few people that black shoes should only have black shoelaces, our customers mix and match and buy many different colours, including green ones, which they pair with black and white coloured sneakers!

It's your style so, go ahead explore and have fun with Kicks Shoelaces!