Grey Laces


Shoelaces are often an afterthought - something we take for granted until they come undone at the worst possible moment. 

For those seeking a step up from the standard white or black laces, grey shoelaces are the perfect way to add a touch of style to any outfit. And now, you can have the perfect grey shoelaces to add a little extra flair to your shoes.

So, don't be afraid to express your personality - lace up with grey shoelaces today!

Light Grey Reflective Rope Shoelaces
Dark Grey Reflective Rope Shoelaces
Light Grey Reflective Flat Shoelaces
Dark Grey Reflective Flat Shoelaces
Light Grey Shoelaces
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Light Grey No Tie Shoelaces
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Dark Grey and White Boot Laces
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Buying Grey Shoelaces

One reason to buy grey laces is that grey laces will coordinate with most shoe colours as black or white laces do. They smarten up a pair of sneakers you have had from way back and give your look a new fashionable edge.

You can make the most of grey laces by tying them in novel ways to add chic to your look! We go into up-to-the-minute lacing techniques below.

Having multiple pairs of laces at hand is a great way to restore your sneakers and give them a new look. Moreover, grey shoelaces are great for casual school days when schools relax their criteria concerning what schoolchildren are allowed o wear.

Finally, if you want that fresh, clean look, you can hide the shoelaces knot from view by tying and slipping it in underneath the tongue or using tieless laces.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I buy grey shoelaces?

When you're on the lookout for grey laces, the best place to look is on our website. Our site has a variety of possibilities to suit your style.

Along with our extensive collection, we offer speedy and no cost shipping for purchases over $25! No matter your shoe size, Kicks has the perfect Grey shoelaces for you!

Can you buy grey no-tie shoelaces?

We offer several grey no-tie shoelaces that will look impressive with any pair of shoes.

Tieless laces are great whether you need them for yourself or as a gift, especially if you’re looking to remove floppy shoelace ends. Tieless shoelaces are the easiest way to eliminate knots for that clean sneaker finish.

Are grey shoelaces strong enough?

When you must have laces that perform, Kicks delivers! Our flat and round laces hold up under pressure, and they are reliable and robust.

We manufacture top quality laces and afford our customers the reliability they need to get the job done.

What are grey shoelaces made of?

Grey shoelaces can be made of cotton, polyester, nylon, rubber, and several other materials depending on the type you're looking for. No matter your preferred style, Kicks has an enormous selection for everyone!

What is the best way to tie grey laces?

There are a variety of ways to tie grey shoelaces. Some options include the granny knot, the bow tie or inventing your characteristic style!

The best course of action to take when seeking the best way to tie your grey laces is to continually try different methods until you find the one that works for you. Our grey shoelaces are durable enough to handle any practical ways, so take a look at our website and stock up today!

What are the different ways to tie grey laces?

Some of the standard methods are ladder lacing and army lacing. Each is straightforward yet has a distinctive look that adds exceptional style to your shoes.

What is bar lacing?

Bar Lacing—aka Lydiard Lacing

Bar lacing, also known as Lydiard lacing, provides a very comfortable shoe fit. In fact, they’re even named after the famous running coach Arthur Lydiard.

What is army lacing?

Army lacing 

This lacing method is perfect for the skater girl, as it extends the life of the laces. When skateboarders use other lacing methods, the shoelace runs across the shoe's edges and is quickly chewed up by the grip tape.

Can black shoes have grey laces?

Some people think that black shoes should only have black shoelaces, our customers mix and match and buy many different colours, including Grey ones, which they pair with dark and light-coloured sneakers!

It's your style so, go ahead explore and have fun with Kicks Shoelaces!