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At Kicks Shoelaces, we're looking for collaboration with people and businesses who put in the work to better themselves and their communities. 

Content writer

Are you a content writer? Is writing your dream job?

If you're writing and publishing blogs or infographics and have some ideas on articles, get in touch with us.

We're looking to collaborate with people who breathe life into their content and love all things centred around events, hospitality, health and fitness no matter the age. 

Get Creative, Inspire Others!


At Kicks Shoelaces, we are passionate about supporting businesses that are involved in the events and hospitality industry and inspire communities to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you share our passion, please provide an overview of the opportunity and the potential synergies you see between your initiative and Kicks Shoelaces.

We aim to provide feedback to each request within a week of receipt. Applications should be submitted ideally three months before the commencement of your event.

Our commitment

At Kicks Shoelaces, we are dedicated to building strong alliances and long-term partnerships. When you team up with Kicks Shoelaces, it's not just about selling shoelaces; it's about the commitment to the events and hospitality industry and encouraging people to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

To discuss how we can work together, please email Steve on steve@kicksshoelaces.com