White Laces


Imagine a world where white shoelaces don't exist. It would be a dark and dreary place, wouldn't it?

With no white shoelaces to brighten up our shoes, we would all be trudging around in a sea of dullness. But thankfully, white shoelaces are here to save the day! Not only do they add a touch of color to an otherwise bland outfit, but they also help to make our shoes look more polished and put-together.

whether you're a preppy prepster or a tough-talking punk rocker, white shoelaces can add a touch of class (or sass) to your style. So don't be afraid to experiment with this simple accessory - who knows, you might just find your new favorite fashion statement.

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Buying White Shoelaces

There are a lot of benefits to buying white laces for shoes. They can quickly revitalise a timeworn pair of sneakers and give you a completely fresh look.

Get creative with your white laces and tie them in various ways to add trendiness to your look! We explore a variety of ways to tie laces below.

White shoelaces are also great for school uniforms as most schools have strict standards on what students are allowed to wear. Having multiple pairs of shoelaces at hand and tying them differently than your schoolmates is an excellent way to quickly refresh the look of your sneakers or running shoes mid-term. By doing this, your uniform will keep looking fresh.

To conclude, if you go in for that crisp, tidy look, you can hide the knot of your laces by tying and placing it beneath the tongue or using no-tie laces. These options will help you create a clean finish and hide loose laces, which is very flattering.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I buy white shoelaces?

When you're looking for white shoelaces, the best place to look for them is on our website. We have many choices for styles that will fit your heart’s shoelace wishes.

Along with our extensive inventory, we also offer quick shipping times and free shipping for purchases over $25! No matter your shoe size or shape, Kicks has the perfect white shoelace for you!

Can you buy no-tie white shoelaces?

We offer a mixture of styles for your every no-tie shoelace need. These laces will look great with any pair of shoes, whether you need them for yourself or as a gift.

No-tie laces are spot-on if you're looking for a way to remove knots, bows and mess that comes from loose laces. With these shoelaces styles, it's easy to keep your shoes looking neat.

Are white shoelaces strong enough?

When you need your shoelaces done and done right, Kicks delivers! Our flat and round laces stand up under pressure, and they are reliable and durable.

We manufacture the highest quality laces and provide our customers with the reliability they need to get the job done.

What are white shoelaces made of?

White shoelaces can be fabricated of cotton, polyester, nylon, rubber and many other materials depending on the style for which you're looking. No matter your choice, Kicks has an incredible collection with alternatives for every need!

What is the best way to tie white shoelaces?

There are oodles ways to tie white shoelaces, depending on what style of sneakers or shoes you choose to wear. Some choices include the 'Granny Knot', the 'Bow Tie' or fashion your own unique style!

The best way to learn which methods you prefer to tie shoes is to try all of them out with different pairs of shoes until you find what works for you. Our white shoelaces are sturdy enough to handle any brand new methods that may come to your mind, so take a look at our website and stock up today!

What are the different ways to tie white shoelaces?

More typical tying shoelace methods are ladder lacing, army lacing, and heel lock lacing. Each is easy to do yet has a unique look that adds something special to your shoes.

What is ladder lacing?

Ladder lacing is when you create equal loops in each eyelet with an even number of lace lengths on each side. This approach ensures that both sides of the shoe will be pulled tight once they are tied so there won't be any slack in the middle of the shoe after tying it

What is army lacing?

 The military uses army lacing on combat boots because the shoe lacing style runs up the edges of the boot, which reduces the risk of the laces getting caught on unwanted things.

What is heel lock lacing?

Heel lock lacing requires using one lace length per eyelet, crisscrossing or looping through each time it goes into an eyelet. This style creates a more extended section of the shoe on the top, where your leg meets your foot, for more ankle support

Conclusion: Remember it is crucial when tying white shoelaces not to have any loops between eyelets that will create too much slack in the ankles when tied. If you follow these simple steps when tying your shoes, they should be tight and comfortable all day long!

Can black shoes have white shoelaces?

Some people are of the opinion that black shoes ought only to have black shoelaces, but we beg to differ. Our customers mix and match and buy many different colours of shoelaces, including white ones, which they pair with dark and light-coloured footwear!

It’s your style so, go ahead and let your wardrobe show off your fun side by giving it some flair with Kicks Shoelaces!